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Azure Well-architected Reliability Series (Section-1 Part 2-3

System Performance Baselining Now that the application is deployed to the dev environment with the necessary monitoring set up, the next step is to determine the baseline performance of the app with respect to the SLI metrics. The system that we have considered is a customer-facing web app, we will need to determine the availability…

Azure Well-architected Reliability Series (Section-1 Part 2-2

Part 2.2 – Configuring Observability Observability & Monitoring Observability represents the setup surrounding or built into a system to get all the needed information about the system’s state (or health). A system that is not observable cannot provide information on the SLIs and SLOs. There are 2 schools of thought around Monitoring and Observability. This…

Azure Well-architected Reliability Series (Section-1 Part 2-1

Part 2.1 – Deployment Strategies Deployment in Increments (Learn & Improve) We discussed the steps needed to design & architect a reliable distributed system according to the well-architected design principles in Part-1 of the series. Now that we have the necessary artifacts from the design phase, we are ready at this point to deploy the…

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