My name is Sriram. I am a practicing Azure Solutions Architect. I love to blog about things that I learn after trails and tribulations. This makes learning all the more interesting. One amazing thing that technical bloggers do is that they give back to the community in the form of their technical writing. I like to be one that can help another nomad πŸ™‚

In this site, you will see me blogging about Azure and related technical concepts. The related concepts will definitely include basics of networking and security. I also intend to write mainly about the “under the hoods” working of stuff, as much as I can discover.

If you are a technical guy that just passes by or enjoyed reading a blog, please leave a comment on how I can make this better. A philosophical note for the conclusion πŸ™‚ – do things that make you happy on the daily and share your experiences in a form that you appreciate. Negative people that tell you can’t have no part in your life. Live life!. Cheers.