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Azure vWan “Deployment Dependencies” that you must know

ARM Template Dependencies If you have used ARM templates for your azure infrastructure deployments, you would have noticed that some of the resources are dependent on the presence of one or more resources. This is usually denoted using the “dependsOn” property within the resource’s definition section. This lets the Azure Resource Manager determine the order […]

Inconsistent route propagation issue in Azure vWan

Network Setup The following architecture diagram shows an azure virtual Wan deployed in a single azure region with all the three hybrid connections. The setup tries to implement an isolation between the azure virtual networks using custom route tables. For more information on the scenario specification, refer to The implementation of this specific scenario […]

Co-existing Azure Virtual Network Gateways

Scenario I was trying to setup the co-existing gateways as the first step in establishing the Branch To Branch Connectivity through Azure. The reference architecture is available in the following article. The full implementation of this scenario is available in my GitHub Repository – Target State Architecture Observations and Learnings Refer to the […]