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Azure ADDS Scoped Synchronization and Radius Server AuthN for VPN

Introduction Enterprise Network segmentation is a concept that dates back to the start of enterprise IT systems. The simplest demonstration of this is separating application and infrastructure components between the different Business Units and departments in the enterprise. The small resource entity hierarchy tree shown in the architecture diagram shows the management group based separation […]

DNS Solutions in Azure

Often the DNS Solutions are straightforward and are managed by the CSP when the architecture is simple. The need for complex DNS solutions stems from systems that involve either a highly distributed cloud components that span multiple Virtual Networks and regions in the public cloud with different DNS domains (or)  a hybrid architecture where the […]

Azure S2S VPN- Exploration with RRAS

Often times people would shy away from simulating a S2S VPN. The real-time setup has configurations of the physical VPN device using the Azure provided settings. An easy option is the use of an Windows Server feature called RRAS (Routing & Remote Access) for a simulation. This feature can help simulate a VPN device and […]