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Azure Well-architected Reliability Series (Section-1 Part 1.6)

Part 1.6 – Modeling Dependencies After defining the critical User Flows and a considerably accurate version of the “Service or Components Graph”, the next step is to identify the dependencies of these components, both internal and external. Microsoft Resiliency Modeling Analysis (RMA) Definition from the White Paper: This paper briefly frames the motivation and benefits […]

Azure Well-architected Reliability Series (Section-1 Part 1.5)

Part 1.5 – Modeling User Journeys (User Flows) The next step in this sequence would be the modeling the journey of the end user. This can also be called as the user-flow defined as the sequence of events that happen at different components that the request traces through. To be able to model the user […]

Azure Well-architected Reliability Series (Section-1 Part 1.4)

Part 1.4 – System Architecture (driven by Well-Architected Reliability Principles) In part 1.3 of this series, we discussed the questions that we would need the customers to answer about the reliability requirements of the system. This would have been the step where we would have also captured other functional and non-functional requirements. The first step […]